Poster & Billboard Design
Bella Flores for Senator
Louisiana Tech University – School of Design
Identity System Design (ART 361), Fall 2018
Professor Tom Futrell

The goal of an effective communication program is to present a cohesive, innovative graphic identity across a variety of media formats. The challenge when creating a complex design system is to maintain a consistent message and visual language without becoming repetitive or disjointed in the execution.
The campaign created for the Identity System Design. Create a comprehensive design program for a political candidate. Frame the campaign around one of the following themes (as it relates to politics): society, technology, environment, economics, urbanization or sustainability.
Your candidate can address broad questions about one of these themes, or you can locate a specific question or issue within a narrow section of on theme. Don't try to address all these themes in one campaign as this will make it difficult to develop a unique message and visual language. Your audience will be the general public of legal voting – age 18 and above.
You will create a candidate that is running for a federal position – US Senate or US House Representatives. This person will be fictitious and not an actual candidate. Once you choose a candidate and consider important issues, generate the content for the various components. Give your candidate a visual identity. Write a short introductory paragraph/s explaining the purpose of the candidate running for office. Voting for your candidate will be held November 15, 2018.
Candidate Bio & Identity/Logotype
Persona Type
Educational Booklet
Newspaper Ad, Press & Staff Pass, Yard Sign, Button, Pole Flag Design
Environmental Design – Self operating booth design
Social Media
Testimonial Advertisement
Buttons, Stamp, and Buss Design
Student Competition:
GOLD AWARD Bella Flores for Senator by Srdjan Marjanovic, Louisiana Tech University
Category: Cross-Platform - Integrated Brand Identity Campaign

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